Living Solo in Bulgaria

It's a year now since I drove over here to start my new life. 

I am so glad I brought my car over with me, as the independence is important to me living in a quiet village outside of the main town.

  I went back to the UK over the winter to make some money to bring back for house repairs and living costs.  £3.75 x hour 24/7 - modern day slavery!

 People always ask me - why Bulgaria? My answer is simple -  BG is a poor country, and I am a poor person.  Why would I want to live in a rat race, where I can't even hope to compete? (Not that I want to!)  So I came to visit, fell absolutely in love with Bulgaria and have gained a sense of freedom that I'd long given up on. 

 As a single woman, with no DIY skills, I can't pretend it's been easy.  Last year, I employed a local "maestro", a local from the village to help with the house. Improvements were made, and a few cock-ups too.  We never had that house warming as the house wasn't ready by a long shot, but we had the most amazing garden party! 

 Isolation has been a blessing to me and given me time to get sorted quite a bit.  My main priority has been getting some food planted and although it's a race against the clock, I'm very pleased with my progress so far.  My garden is huge - well worth what I paid for the house- alone! I could never dream of owning anything in the UK - in fact, I was convinced it was a shop doorway and a euthanasia pill (instead of a  pension) that awaited me. I feel SO lucky to have escaped.  Even my meager savings and no income can't damage my spirit.  I know this is my destiny and I'll work something out!  Oh, the peace!  The clean air!  The natural beauty,  the humility of the people! I could go on and on.  I know my desperation to escape made it easier, but I can't help thinking of all the single ladies who would love to make a clean break but doubt their ability to cope on their own. 

 I don't know what the next few years will bring, but here I feel safe and I urge you not to wait too long! I wish I'd done it years ago, so I could've been sitting back and enjoying it now. Oh well,  at least I made it!