Village Name: Oryahovo Population: 230 Amenities: 2 village shops and bars, post office, large well kept center and park. Other: 31km to the Greek border and 40km to the Turkish border. All around the village are rolling hills, vineyards, incredible rock formations as well as many lakes and stunning views. House: Many huge rooms with big windows and high ceilings Garden: A beautiful walled garden measuring approximately 3000m2 with mature trees and great views. The Old School in Oryahovo is now available to purchase and just waiting to be turned into an amazing home. It's rare to find these old buildings on the market, so it's exciting to be able to present this stunning old property. Having been out of use for many years, the roof sadly took too many seasons causing it to break in a couple of different areas leading to erosion and wall collapse. Despite this, the walls remaining seem largely undamaged, straight and strong. Advice would most likely be to remove the entire roof, rebuild the damaged areas and cap it before rebuilding. There is the option of treating and reusing much of the original timber thought it appears a lot will need replacing. Reusing the original tiles is commonly recommended for appearance and superior quality while also keeping costs down. While this is a huge project, it's a great blank canvas in a beautiful location. People commonly buy properties in much better condition only to clear them out, knock them apart and start over. It's also common for people to rip out all old floors, windows and doors as well the old roof. Here you could have it rebuilt with new roof, windows and doors creating a dry, safe and protected area to begin works on the inside without huge amounts of clearance first. The project is only bigger than most on scale with the rooms being so much larger than the traditional Bulgarian 4m x 4m living spaces you see in nearly every other property. This really is an amazing opportunity for the right person. The large amounts of space, huge garden and additional buildings within the plot also means the the old school would make a great space for families and groups of friends, as well as an amazing place to run retreats or a guest house and many other projects. If you would like more information on Old School House, please watch the walk around video below and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing / purchase. As I have also mentioned in the video below, my family bought the old school in another village close by. It was purchased about 10 years ago in a similar condition, was completely restored and is now lived in. We'll be more than happy to share the story with you.


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