Tsentur House

Village Name: Oryahovo Population: 230 Amenities: 2 village shops and bars, post office, large tidy center and park, Other: 31km to the Greek border and 40km to the Turkish border. All around the village are rolling hills, vineyards, incredible rock formations as well as many lakes and stunning views. House: 3 rooms as well as a hallway and porch / balcony upstairs and downstairs. Connected via an outside staircase. Garden: A good sized garden which could easily be made very private. You've got derilict barns and mature trees. A beautiful property in the center of a well kept up and coming village, surrounded by nature and beauty. There's certainly a lot of work to do, but the house is charming and full of character. If you can see past the neglect suffered for the past 20 years, it's easy to picture a stunning and unique home. Quite often, even when buying a property for twice this price you can end up building a new roof, installing new electrics and plumbing, re plastering and adding new doors and windows, so why not start cheap and with a blank canvas? Tsentur House is just 9000 lv and is a great deal even for a regulated plot of land in such a location.


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